Losing a Friend

It is never easy when someone you know, love and appreciate suddenly passes away. It can be even more severe when it happens around the holiday season when plans are made to celebrate with, and share gifts or just a time set aside for a good hug and great conversation. Whether we live in a large city or a small community, the loss is just as painful.  However, I have noticed that here in our small towns, the support that neighbours offer and share is amazing. 
I am very grateful to have known Barry Poppenheim.  He inspired me to become a top producer, by letting me know it was possible.  He challenged me to be a critical thinker and not just accept something just because everyone else did.  And best of all, we always ended our conversations with a good laugh, even when we had disagreed on something.
Rest in peace Bear, I hope you found that perfect piece of real estate in Realtor heaven.